Home Staging


What is Home Staging

Home staging involves preparing a private home for the real estate market. Its purpose is to attract as many potential buyers as possible, helping to sell the property quickly and at a higher price. This process, executed by professional stagers, aims to create a lasting first impression. It's a skill that is best achieved with the expertise of seasoned professionals.


Why Stage

Unoccupied spaces can seem unwelcoming and stark to those looking to buy, making it challenging for them to picture their own items in the space. At Pluma Design, we possess the expertise to assist buyers in visualizing how they can transform the house into a cozy and appealing home. It's important to recognize that buyers' decisions are heavily influenced by their emotional connection and feelings towards a home, so we ensure that this connection is a positive one. Staging your home before selling it can yield significant returns on your investment, and we are here to guide you in realizing this potential.